Refrigeration Services

Instant Air has over 20 years of experience associated with refrigeration systems which includes but is not limited to condensers, evaporators, motors, pneumatic and electronic controls such as thermostats, tubing, control valves, mixing boxes, energy management and electrical systems, and other components associated with HVAC-R equipment including changing out components and/or entire systems as required.

We provide maintenance and operation including the operation, regulations, and adjustment of equipment such as chilled water and hot water circulating pumps, to water boilers, chillers, refrigeration systems, cooling towers, air compressors, and to the mechanical and electrical systems associated with building operations and ensures that all equipment is working properly by performing the required repairs and/or notifying the appropriate department of any malfunction.

Our goal is not to fix it and leave it, we offer continuous servicing, cleans and performs preventative maintenance work on HVAC and refrigeration equipment and distribution systems.